Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I think this is a new record...

HEYOOOOO this is a new record! It's been over 6 months since my last blog post. Wowza! Well much has happened since the beginning of August!! Let's dive in, shall we?


Last semester was incredibly busy, trying, and amazing. I grew a lot over those few months, both as a human being and a singer. One of my highlights was being in the chorus for "The Bartered Bride"!! Honestly, I wasn't sure how much fun I was going to have at first but we hit the ground running and it was a fantastic run! I made SO many new friends and had an absolute blast!!

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So many wonderful people all in one pic

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My dance partner, Josh! SO glad we became friends! He made the show so much fun! He and I had a fun little "yodeling" bit during the circus scene. He learned the accordion just for the opera! I got to sing some high notes, so that's always a good time. haha


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YW in Excellence
I really started to get my bearings in my calling over the last few months of the year. I've been in YWs for over a year now, and I can tell I have grown up a lot. We had a successful YW in Excellence, as well as New Beginnings (and when I say successful, I mean that we pulled it off without anything catching on fire LOL).

We helped with the ward Christmas party, had a Halloween party, had an etiquette dinner with the YM, have gone to the temple, and have gotten to know the girls  and I LOVE them SO! I love my calling! It's definitely hard and I'm being stretched, but it's a good kind of stretch. 
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YW in Excellence

Ward Christmas Party Photo Booth


I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who love me and support me just as much as I do them!! My mom and step-dad moved to Alabama tho in October, which kinda sucked a lot, but they've visited a lot since and they are coming down for my recital in a few weeks. ❤ One of my closest friends Taryn was Gilbert Days Rodeo queen and I got to go the rodeo for the first time since I was probably 12 and see her rock it as a real-life QWEEN!

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she is too cool, guys 
We also do a lot of sangin' together, my friends and I. I kid you not, I'm drowning (in a good way) in talented people and I will never complain about it!

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At the Gilbert Community Center singing for some crazy kids and their moms who are there for the free carbs


Ian and I celebrated our FOURTH anniversary in September! I would have loads of pictures BUT we didn't want to spend $20 on them because WE GOT TO SEE DOLPHINS for reeeaaalllsss It was magical!! Such beautiful and intelligent creatures! We got to get in the water, play with them and pet them. It was so cool. If we were rich I would have bought a whole album but alas, I am not. 

I have a hard time believing that we will hit the 5 year mark in 6 months! 6 months from today, to be exact! I don't feel old enough to celebrate that many years yet lol but here we are! Well, we will be. haha I love that human. He's the best one, in my opinion. 

Speaking of him, the Marine Corps Ball was great as per usual. We had some gorgeous pictures taken by Allie and had an overall good time. This was probably the most fun I've had at one yet!


The rest of the year, including New Years and Christmas was wonderful as well. Since this year was technically my family's year to have us but they were in AL, we had Christmas Eve at Katie's house and then Christmas morning just the two of us at home. It was different, but a good kind of different. I made a yummy french toast bake that we ate after we exchanged gifts. It was a relaxing morning before heading down to Tucson to see Ian's extended family. My dad also came into town for a few days, which was fun! We shopped, went to the movies, and ate out (which all three things are such treats!). I love being able to have room for him to stay when he comes. Our New Years party was a hit, as always. We played games, enjoyed each other's company, and welcomed in what has been the best year yet!!

NOW! 2018!!

I've been in school for the past few months, frantically finishing learning my music/memorizing before my recital in 3 weeks! I was taking some online classes, which had me run ragged for the first 8 weeks of the semester, but thankfully those are over! I auditioned for grad school a few weekends back, and I nailed it!! I honestly have never walked out of an audition feeling to genuinely good about my performance before, and it was a good feeling. Cross your fingers ASU gives me money!😉 I also got a new job!! I work for a CPA/financial adviser in Mesa as an administrative assistant. I get paid to answer the phone, manage his schedule, and miscellaneous duties (especially during busy tax season!). It's a low stress job, which is a first for me haha, and my boss is super nice and very flexible with my schedule. I think I'll be sticking around for a while! I am learning so much about real-world stuff and so far this has been the best job I've ever had. Ian also started a new job this week working for a company that installs gates (all kinds!) and so far he likes it. Verizon was draining him of any motivation and drive left in him, and even though it was a little scary to have him quit without anything lined up, he's been much happier and that makes me happy. We've bonded a lot more since he's been happier and more relaxed---the person I married! 

Anyway, lots of good things in store for this McHardy clan. I can't wait for my recital, I can't wait to graduate, and I can't wait for the opportunities heading our way! Thanks for making it this far, lovelies!!! Till next time! 

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