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Spring Break, Operas, and too many pictures

Howdy ya'll! What an exciting past 3 months it has been! Let's get right to it! Buckle your seatbelts cuz it's looooooooong.

Christmas 2016
 This Christmas was spent with Ian's family this year. Cookie decorating and our annual caroling was a hit, especially since this time it was held in concert form in the park! A solid 75 people showed up if I remember right. All in all a wonderful holiday.

LOT Magic Flute!
UGH I will never get tired of talking about Magic Flute. It was such an amazing experience and a super fun one to boot! I got to work with so many talented individuals on a regular basis [more than I already do] and I made so many new friends! We sold out all four showings (which is saying something considering our closing is a Sunday matinee!). I had so much of my family come and support me, including my grandma, my aunt Cindy, my dad and my brother Nathan; all of whom live out of state.

I was able to spend some quality time with my dad, which was really fun since we haven't spent that much time together in years. He stayed with us while he was in town and we hung out, went to the Renaissance Festival and out to dinner a few times. It was really nice to see him and have him visit. Now he can say he's been to the opera. ;)

This show is definitely my favorite to date and I feel so lucky to have been part of it!

 me and Taryn, my dear friend!

 Aren't we stunning

 This is the adorable little figurine Lauren (my Queen of the Night) gave me as I dive head first into this whole opera thing. We shared a dressing room and she is just the most thoughtful person. 

 The costuming was pretty amazing for everyone, but I think I got the best ones. ;) 

Nathan Haltiwanger as Papageno, and yours truly as Papagena. He was so amazing to work with!

 Ach, ich f├╝hl's (tech rehearsal!)

 Baldt Prangt (tech rehearsal!)

After Papageno rings his magic bells and Monostatos with his slaves dance their way off stage. It really is the best part of the entire opera. ;) 

The opera consumed my life for a solid 3 weeks! I feel bad because I'm just now getting life back to normal and I was called to be Young Women's President a little over a month ago and I have been trying to keep up and not feel like a total flake. :P Good news is that I {kind of} have a grip on things now. Ha. Just kind of. ;) 

SPRING BREAK {Disneyland}
Ian bought the tickets the Friday before Spring Break and off we went! We stayed with our friends Taylor and Jadyn, who were kind enough to let us crash as they were moving into the cutest little townhouse. It was such a good week! 3-day parkhoppers, good friends, and beautiful weather. I could not have asked for a better way to spend spring break. This was the first vacation we've taken together since our honeymoon 3 1/2 years ago! It was a much needed one. The 6 hour drive there and back definitely were not my favorite parts but it was definitely worth it. WARNING: LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES.

brb crying from withdrawals with the sight of this castle 

Displaying 82B3067E-BEB3-4CAA-A20C-E4C7A354175E.JPGDisplaying B9C82189-6CA7-4335-80B6-AB732621369C.JPG
It was so adorable how they were asking all the kids to use the Force to help defeat Kylo Ren. My ovaries exploded it's fine. 

Displaying 9D248EC0-AFE3-4A8D-A6FA-7A84D3579CFC.JPG
Disneyland does not mess with their portion sizes. Or their flavors. Drooling. 

Displaying 5B90A138-6AFF-4606-924C-6CF7E96E6546.JPG
It's a McHardy tradition to pose like the statues...next to the statues. haha

Displaying 26EFBDE1-90A0-4B34-A152-C2941B4824E8.JPGDisplaying EA307431-AD6A-48FD-93C8-BC9B4BD054BB.JPG
They do a flag ceremony on Main Street and they recognize the military attending. It was really cool. 

Displaying F7B0233C-A1EA-453C-AC86-A6CF870E7434.JPGDisplaying 7EC9CE32-C875-455B-930E-45D146D71F9F.JPG
The best ice cream cone and the best seat for World of Color. Which was prob the best part of our entire trip.

Displaying DA0E9B15-70AF-4DAD-804F-A5C2ECF7785C.JPG
I spotted Moana. Several times. I can die happy now. 

Displaying CB95C003-B04B-41F4-B9A5-F12016AD5781.JPG
Ian and his Indiana Jones hat. Stud.
Displaying E6C65FD7-741B-4E53-8C05-3D7382B579D3.JPG Displaying 24507980-26BE-4E1E-AA7C-5204E6480BD8.JPG Displaying D876DC76-17B2-4DC6-9C2B-6F4B4CAB619C.JPG
All of the cool pop up shows make Disneyland so special

ALL of the selfies were taken:

 my first set of Minnie ears!!

 the Autopia ride gives you little paper drivers licenses!

 SPACE MOUNTAIN {err, Hyperspace Mountain now}

Displaying FEB7B0D8-3F32-4CF1-AE4C-6A3BBE047353.JPG
You can't not take a picture with the Chief when you go here.

Also, many a dumb Snaps were taken as well:

Star Tours. Duh.

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. More intense than we anticipated. haha

At least I think I'm funny

These guys were so cool. Hanging out behind the River Belle Terrace in the little alley.

We were able to hangout with Taylor, Jadyn and Olivia quite a bit too. They are so much fun and I miss having them around! We strolled around Downtown Disney and had some fancy lunch. Olivia was my buddy our whole trip and simply put, has stolen my heart! I just love that little girl.

Displaying EE6E98C1-7DF5-4A90-A9ED-59CF4D8A7075.JPG

I forgot what they named him but it was cute. I'll tell ya that much.

Displaying 184F0062-DF4E-4332-957C-25FF810EE9DC.jpg    Displaying 36E0472B-186F-4A9B-9EC1-AB5995B62690.JPG 
Displaying E63FA78E-F749-43BB-B979-2C7EEC61A82F.JPG
Legit artwork, guys.

Displaying FB0DC036-6537-4CF1-B6B8-0036DD53029E.JPG    Displaying 846C8342-C480-4950-B00D-5E24625C7936.JPG
The amazing food alone is a good enough reason to come to at least Downtown Disney

I got this little gem on Snapchat and it's my favorite

GUH what a fun week!! I miss Disneyland but I am also glad to be home and back in school. How nerdy am I?!

In other news, one of my dearest friends in high school got married over the weekend! He's been like my brother for so long and it was so exciting and special to be there for him on his special day! 

Displaying A493D102-07A6-4411-A670-6AAEFD042E08.JPG
Brayton and his new wifey Mackenzie

 Displaying AC5FE92E-3E30-4FE1-9283-6E686205286D.JPG Displaying IMG_0437.PNG
Biggest congratulations to the happy couple! :)

Also in other news, my sister in law Allie finally had her baby boy!! He is the sweetest little nugget you ever did see. I can't believe he's actually here! He was born early in the afternoon of the same day we left for Disneyland so fortunately we were able to go see him and Allie in the hospital on our way out. :) 

Displaying 1D7061C1-968B-4D2E-82AC-5CB437609249.JPG
little Campbell Alan McHardy

Displaying E4022868-D95D-44C0-BAEA-89395BAFD3CD.JPG    Displaying IMG_0456.JPG
We love our newest nephew!

PHEW. Glad you stayed this long and kept up with my rambling. You should get an award, or something. That's basically been my life in a nutshell over the past few months, and it's been an amazing past few months. Let's hope this trend continues. 

Thanks for reading, my lovelies. 

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